Audrey E Burbridge -- Reiki Master / Intuitive Healer
Metaphysical & Physical Massage

About the Practitioner


Audrey E Burbridge  - Reiki Master / Teacher

Certified / Licensed Massage Therapist

 Therapeutic Massage / Lymphatic Massage / Reiki 

& Integrated Energy & Bodywork 

Our mission is to help you make a healthy difference in your life.

To help you be more aware of choices you are making and how it affects both your physical and spiritual self. To become involved in the process and in touch with your inner self. Together we can make positive changes in your sense of well-being and progress in your physical quality of life.


Life can be challenging and overwhelming, Audrey uses her “life experiences”  in an empathic way using “Energy Body Balancing” , Reiki and other Intuitive Healing techniques to help you to recognize repetitive life choices and physical holding patterns within your “spiritual, physical and emotional bodies”.

When you have these "repetitive life experiences" and  “holding patterns” they can cause you “physical and emotional pain and discomfort”.  Daily life brings JOY and DRAMA, we hold these memories in our bodies on a subconscious level.  Pain -both physical and emotional- can serve to teach us lessons and knowing how to “let go” can be difficult, thereby preventing us from truly experiencing the JOY in everyday life and moving forward with a positive outlook.

     Release work is a very personal process that cannot be forced.  When the “mind, body, and spirit” are ready then the work will be effective, liberating and empowering.

  Audrey will aid you in knowing when it is time to release these issues and will teach you how to continue to work on yourself using these powerful tools and techniques. 

  Be assured that this will be a safe, gentle and non-judgmental process.

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A little about me... I am a Colorado Native!  and LOVE IT!

  Grandmother of 3  and LOVE IT!    nuff said. (-;

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