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Raindrop Therapy Technique®-

     A 31/2 hour workshop.  You will "give and receive" a "Raindrop Therapy" treatment as designed by Gary Young of Young Living Essential Oils.  All essential oils will be provided for this workshop. 

FYI - some of the essential oil blends have "Coconut Oil' as a carrier oil.

Class only - $99 (2 student minimum)

Class & Raindrop Therapy Kit - $250 (prepaid / 2 student min.)

      Raindrop Therapy Technique Kits are available for purchase separately 


 Integrated Chakra Clearing Workshop - $99

     A 3 1/2 hour workshop starting with the basics of:

  • What are the Chakras?
  • How to clear them using;
  •      Sound / Essential Oils / Crystals
  •       Intention / Energy
  • **7 Essential oil Blends available from Young Living**
  • (oils available for pre-purchase)


 Energy Body Balancing Workshop / EBB ©-  $99

  A workshop using Energy Techniques and how YOU FEEL the energy, working with Essential Oils and their energies to help the client release negativity and blocked emotions.  A variety of interactive tools are presented to you.  We work together to find the best way for you to use this information.  Using your intuition and communication with the client to facilitate change and begin their healing from within.

3 1/2 hour workshop / prepaid

  • Includes hands on giving and receiving
  • Essential Oils provided for class
  • Original meditation and other handouts
  • Certificate of Completion

 (12 Essential oil blends available for pre-purchase)


Tapping Into Energy Workshop- $99 

or -2 persons for $150-

    A great beginner class - a 4 hour workshop starting with the basics of:

    • What is Energy and How do I FEEL it?
    • How to recognize your sense of it,
    • How can you use it
    • Trades to practice techniques and build confidence

   We all need to start somewhere, and this workshop is a perfect way to experience and offer healing work in a safe, compassionate and interactive environment. 



 Couples Massage 101 Workshop - $25 per person

      This 1 hour workshop will cover massage techniques designed to relax and release tight overworked muscles and tired feet.  Without the WHINE-ing!!!

     This is a hands on evening - giving and receiving a massage by your partner, learning effective ways to gently release knots or unwind tension from the day.

This is a professional environment **THIS IS NOT** an erotic or sensual class 


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Reiki Attunements -


  • Reiki 1 Attunement-$100 (3 hours)
  • Reiki 2 Attunement-$200 ( 3 hours)
  • Reiki 3 Master / Teacher Attunement - $300 (3 hours )
  •        3 additional mentoring sessions @ $250 ( 6 hours prepaid )



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